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ACCUI: Simply Accurate Language Services Having provided comprehensive, quality language services — translation, interpretation and other languages services — since 1996, ACCUI is a leader in languages services. The vision for success starts at the top with solid corporate values that underscore our commitment to quality; with a professional staff, prompt and on-budget deliveries, fixed quotes, client confidentiality, errors and omissions insurance, and more. That makes ACCUI International one of the most-reputable, highest-quality language-services providers in Canada — guaranteed. Versed in 200 languages and all major disciplines, our professional linguists — interpreters and translators — are industry-certified college graduates who must pass stringent testing to meet quality-control guidelines. Each linguist works as part of a project team comprised of programmers, graphic artists, proof readers, editors, and more lead by our coordinators and team leads. They ensure your request is completed on time, on budget and with the most-innovative technology available on the market, no matter the industry sector you serve. That makes ACCUI International the right choice in Canada for customer-focused service that meets and exceeds the industry's highest standards — all at competitive, affordable rates. What makes ACCUI Translations Inc. unique? It is our unmatched customer service. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our dedicated project managers are standing by to find ways to make the document translation process stress-free for you. We will meet any reasonable deadline to have the job delivered to you in the most expeditious manner. As an extra step to provide the utmost service to our loyal customers, we are also offering a complimentary transmission of the completed translation via email prior to mailing out the original translations.
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